Repair Services

Computer repair.

Repair service for all types of computers, laptops, All in One PC and Servers, including accessories, monitors, printers and others.

Network troubleshoot LAN.

We Identify network faults and start resolving them easy and faster, cable communications problem, Wifi signal analysis, low network speed and others.​

Optical fiber Repair.

Repair and maintenance optical fiber links, Fiber optic fusion, Connect Kits for Installing New Fiber Optic Connectors and Building Patch Cables.

Network devices repair.

Repair services for network equipment including routers, firewall, switch, modems, telephone VOIP and shared storage. NAS servers

Network troubleshoot WAN.

Identification and resolution of problems in long distance networks, Optical fiber, wireless links. Installation design and certification.

Laser machine repair.

Laser optical machine repair, this services is exclusive for massage therapy laser, other high tech massage equipment.

Computer repair Services

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