Top 4 Best Antivirus Software (2020)


Antivirus 2020


Fast, Award Winning Antivirus, Removes All Viruses, Malware, Adware & Spyware. Includes Internet Security, Ransomware, & Phishing Protection.


Built for speed and security, Protects Against All Threats, Includes PC Optimizer, Web Security, Great Value


Complete protection from spyware & malware
,Parental control included, 24/7 customer support
LifeLock™ security with select plans Protects up to 10 device


Password manager included
Permanently deletes sensitive digital files
Protects up to 10 devices An easy to use web-based console

What is an Antivirus?

Antiviruses software protects against programs that corrupt computers and smartphones—and sometimes even steal their users’ identity.

Viruses used to be blocks of code that corrupted a single computer program then spread between users through sharing infected e-mail attachments. The virus landscape of today is far more complex and dangerous. Viruses can corrupt boot sectors, demand ransom payments, permanently embed themselves in the system memory, and more.

Why Do You Need an Antivirus Solution?

Antivirus programs are the essential line of defense against online cybersecurity threats. Using definitions and sophisticated behavior-recognition algorithms, they identify, quarantine, and safely remove threats from users’ operating systems.

Today’s viruses come in many different forms: Malware, spyware, adware, and rootkits are just some of the programs that promise to make users’ lives misery and the list is growing by the year. Running a reliable antivirus software is the only way users can be sure that they won’t fall victim to a costly cyber-attack, have their device turned into a brick, or suffer potentially life-changing identity theft.